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  WPF Development
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Introduction to WPF
Introduction to XAML
Application Class
WPF Object Hierarchy
Introduction to the Navigation Service
Structured and Unstructured navigation
Enhanced Property Framework
Attached Properties
Dependency Properties
Dependency Properties Callback and Validation
Enhanced Eventing System
Overview of Routed Events
Object Lifetime Events
Input and Resources
Overview of Input API
Using Commands
Overview of Control Focus
Creating and Using Resources
Static and Dynamic Resources
Styling and Templates
Overview of Styles
Inheriting Styles
Control Templates
Using the Parts and States Model
Data Templates
Custom Controls
Creating Custom Controls
Creating Custom Controls using Parts & States Model
Overview of Adorners
Data Binding
DataBinding Concepts
Binding to Controls
Binding to XML data
Binding to Entity classes
Binding to Collections
Using Collection Views
Tackling Master Detail Scenarios
Data Validation
Using Data Templates
Globalization and Localization
WPF Globalization and Localization Overview
Automatic Layout
Localization Attributes
Bi-directional features

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