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  Developing using the PRISM Framework
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Introduction to PRISM
Advantages of PRISM
Important PRISM related concepts
Introduction to DI and IoC
Benefits of Modular Development
Initializing PRISM Applications
Creating a Bootstrapper
Creating a Shell
Creating and configuring a module catalog
Configuring a DI Container
Managing Dependencies
Registering Types with the DI Container
Resolving Instances using DI Container
Using IServiceLocator
Creating Modules
Using IModule
Registering or Discovering modules
Module Lifetime and loading modules on demand
Controlling the loading of a module
Specifying module dependencies
Using MVVM along with PRISM
Composite Commands
Handling Asynchronous interaction
Using an Interaction Service
Using Interaction Request Objects
Working with Regions
Associating views with Regions
Displaying views in a region programatically
Ordering views in a region
Sharing data with multiple regions
State based navigation
View based navigation
View and view model participation in navigation
Navigating to existing views
Passing parameters during navigation
Confirming or cancelling navigation
Using Navigation journal
Communicating between components
Using globally available commands
Using Event Aggregation
Deploying PRISM Applications
Deploying PRISM Applications as XAP Packages (only SL)
Deploying PRISM Applications using clickonce (only WPF)

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