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  Developing WPF/Silverlight apps using MVVM Pattern
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Introduction to the MVVM Pattern
Introduction to MVVM
Comparing MVVM to other similar patterns
Creating ViewModels
Creating a simple viewmodel
The Observer Pattern
INotifyPropertyChanged Interface
Dependency Properties
Observable Collections
Handling Concurrency
Updating the UI in a multithreaded application
The Command Pattern
Creating Commands using ICommand
Created RoutedCommands (only WPF)
Attaching commands to controls
Attaching logic to commands per control (only WPF)
Command bubbling and routing (only WPF)
Using RelayCommand
Using Behaviors
Attached Command Behavior
Avoiding Events using Dependency Injection
Handling Serialization
Communicationg between models and view models
ValidationRule class
IDataErrorInfo interface
Validation Error templates
Introduction to Unit Testing
Unit Testing using Visual Studio

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