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  WCF Development
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Introduction to WCF
Introduction to important WCF Concepts
Creating Contracts
Creating Service Contracts
Overview of other contract types
Configuring Services
Hosting Services
Hosting a service in IIS
Hosting using configuration files
Using Behavior configurations
Sessions, Instancing Modes and Concurrency
Building RESTful services
Building Clients
Building Client applications
Client Runtime behaviors
Data Transfer and Serialization
Using Data Contracts
Using Message Contracts
Forward compatible data contracts
Data contract Equivalence
Known Types
AJAX Integration and JSON Support
Creating WCF Services for ASP.NET AJAX
Serializing and Deserializing JSON Data
Queues and Reliable Sessions
Building a Transactional Service
Controlling transaction completion
Faults and Errors
Handling Errors
Faults Vs. Exceptions
Fault contracts
Security concepts
Transport security
Message security
Authenticating Clients using Windows authentication
WCF 4.0 Enhancements
RESTful Enhancements
Endpoint Enhancements
Configuration Enhancements
Routing API
Discovery API

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