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  FAST Search Deep Dive
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Introduction to FAST Search
Introduction to Search and Search Architecture
SharePoint search v/s FAST search (benefits and comparison)
Search Topology
Setting up FAST Search
Deploying FAST Search
Creating a Search Service Application
Configuring the Search Topology for Scalability and Performance
Administering Search thru PowerShell
Configuring Search
Setting up Content Sources and Crawl Rules
Setting up Best Bets, Search Scopes, Search Keywords
Troubleshooting Issues
Index management and Relevancy
Federated Search
Development with FAST Search
Configuring User Interfaces for Search
Displaying Raw Search Results
Managed and Crawled Properties
Modifying the Search Results display using XSLT
FAST Query Language
Using the Search Web Service
Understanding the Content processing pipeline
Creating Custom Search Connectors using BCS
Creating custom security Trimmers

Approx. Duration
3 days

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