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  Business Connectivity Services Deep Dive
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Introduction to BCS
BCS Architecture
Key capabilities
Types of BCS solutions
Solution Packaging
Introduction to the BDC Metadata model
BCS Service Application
Creating BCS Solutions with SharePoint Designer
Using the SQL Server Connector
Using the WCF Service Connector
Creating methods for databases and web services
Understanding the Default Finder method
Defining parameters and filters
Defining Associations - 1 to many, self-referential, reverse
Creating Actions
Creating BCS Solutions with Visual Studio
Using .NET Connectors
Creating methods
Defining parameters and filters
Integrating BCS data into SharePoint
Using External Lists
Permissions and View settings on External Lists
Differences between external lists and regular lists
Using External data web parts
Using Chart Web Part
Mobile Device support
User Profile Enhancements
Using BCS with Search

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