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  BI using Performance Point Services
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Introduction to PPS
Configuring PPS
Configuring Secure Store Service
Creating PPS Service Application
Setting unattended service account
Designing Scorecards
Creating KPIs
Working with Actual values and Targets
Overview of MDX (please deselect this if participants are already familiar with MDX)
Data mapping
Changing a scoring pattern
Score rollups
Creating scorecards
Designing Reports
Analytic Chart and Grid Reports
Excel Services Reports
Integrating with SSRS reports
Strategy Maps
Decomposition tree
Designing Dashboards
Creating Dashboards
Creating Filters
Web Part Connections
Deploying dashboards
Securing PPS
Applying security to PPS Elements
Applying security to data connections
Using the unattended service account
Per-user identity
Securing using Transport layer security

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2 days

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