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  Administering SharePoint using PowerShell
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Introduction to PowerShell
Introduction to PowerShell
Managing SharePoint with PowerShell
Assigning permissions to use PowerShell with Content DBs
Memory management and object disposal
Working with Web Applications and Site Collections
Managing Content Databases
PowerShell Scripting
Working with variables
Data Types
Automatic variables
Properties and methods
Preference variables
Environment variables
Hash tables
Redirection operators
Flow control
Object disposal
Advanced PowerShell Scripting
Execution Policy
PowerShell Scripts
Parameters in scripts
Profile scripts
PowerShell Remoting
Installing SharePoint using PowerShell
Scripted Installation
Automating installations
Connecting and disconnecting servers
Managing Site Collections and Web Applications
Extending Web Applications
Deploying solution packages
Creating Site collections from a predefined list
Validating Site Usage
Managing Navigation
Managing Content Types
Managing Service Applications
Working with Service Applications
Sharing Service Applications across Farms
Managing SharePoint Databases
Backing up and Restoring
Creating database snapshots
Restoring from unattached content database

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