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  SharePoint Server 2010 Development
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Integrating SharePoint With InfoPath
Introduction to InfoPath
Adding intelligence to List Forms using rules and views
Querying SharePoint lists in Forms
Publishing InfoPath Forms
Collaboration and Social Networking features
User Profiles
Working with MySite
Social Tagging, Ratings and Activity Feeds
Working with Search
Overview of Search Architecture
Options for working with Search
Key differences between SharePoint Search and FAST search
Creating Content Sources and Crawl properties
Working with Managed Properties
Search keywords, best bets and scopes
Search Result customization
Working with the Search Query Object Model
Enterprise Content Management
Records Management using Records Center
Auditing and Reporting
Declaring and undeclaring records
Creating retention schedules
Creating organizer rules
Integrating workflows with Records Management
Drop Libraries
Managed Metadata service
Metadata navigation and filtering
Tagging and Taxonomy
Document Sets
The Document ID service
Using SharePoint Metadata and Tags in Office 2010
Web Content Management
Page processing model
Working with Site Columns
Content type development
Creating page layouts using SharePoint Designer
Customizing Navigation
Customizing Master Pages
Content Query Web Part

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