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  SharePoint Foundation 2010 Development
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Introduction to SharePoint
SharePoint Architecture
Installing and Configuring SharePoint
SharePoint Config and Content Databases
Concept of Service Applications and Service Application Proxies
SharePoint Concepts - Web Apps, Site collections etc.
Securing a SharePoint Application
Introduction to Role based authorization
SharePoint Roles and Permission Levels
Setting Permissions on Sites, Lists and ListItems
Implementing Forms based authentication
Introduction to Claims based authentication
Solution Development
Creating SharePoint projects with VS 2010
Introduction to Server and Client Object Model
Introduction to sandboxed and farm solutions
Modifying List Data
Developing Farm Solutions using Server Object Mode
Introduction to mapped folders
Using master pages
Creating Event Receivers
Using SPWeb, SPSite, SPList and SPListItem objects
Developing Application pages
Working with Features
Introduction to features
Creating features
Feature Event Receivers
Deploying features
Working with ribbons
Creating custom ribbon controls
Development using the client object model
Differences between client and server object model
Using COM from .NET Applications
Using COM from JavaScript and ECMAScript
Integrating with the dialog framework
Using notifications and status panels
List and Libraries
Versioning of List Items
Working with Content Types
Creating calculated columns
Creating Lookup columns
List Relationships and Joins
Creating custom list Forms
Querying List Data
Using SPQuery
Using SPDataQuery
Using LINQ to SharePoint Provider
Developing Web Parts
Differences between SharePoint, ASP.NET and Visual WebParts
Creating Web Parts
Deploying WebParts
Creating Visual WebParts
Building connectable webparts
Working with sandboxed solutions
Developing sandboxed solutions
Using Business Connectivity Services
Introduction to External Content Types
Building ECTs using SharePoint Designer
Working with Workflows
Introduction to Workflow integration options
Creating reusable workflows with SharePoint Design
Creating workflows using Visual Studio
Creating workflow forms using Infopath
Deploying workflows
Creating custom master pages
Site MasterPage Pointers
Integrating Silverlight with SharePoint
Using Silverlight WebPart
Administering SharePoint using PowerShell
Introduction to PowerShell concepts
Basic SharePoint operations using PowerShell
Deploying solution packages using PowerShell

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