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Pricing Infomation

Professional charges for training services
for level 100 topics Rs. 20,000/- per day
for level 200 topics Rs. 22,000/- per day
for level 300 topics Rs. 25,000/- per day
for level 400 topics Rs. 27,000/- per day
for level 500 topics Rs. 35,000/- per day
Professional charges for consultation services
on site Rs. 4,000/- per hour
off site Rs. 3,000/- per hour

Terms and Conditions

Payment related
All professional charges are exclusive of taxes. Service tax @ 10.3% will be applicable on all professional charges
All professional charges are exclusive of travel and accomodation expenses
TDS may be deducted as per the prevailing rate. The TDS certificate should be dispatched in a timely manner without follow ups.
100% payment should be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Invoice will be raised upon completion of training.
The amount quoted above is only for the training services rendered. Any other supporting services like test preparation / evaluation will be charged additionally on a pro-rata basis.
In case any assignment is cancelled or postponed, any actual expenses already incurred in travel or accomodation bookings will have to be reimbursed in whole without deduction of TDS.
In case the assignment is postponed or cancelled while in progress due to any reason of any form, you are liable to make payment to Quartz Systems for the number of days the assignment has been conducted on a pro-rata basis.
Any client-specific metrics calculation will not be considered. Any metrics calculation criterion (if applicable) has to be well defined on paper and has to be agreed by both the parties during finalization of the assignment
Other Conditions
Changes can be made to the course contents provided by Quartz Systems. However once the contents are frozen, both parties will strictly follow the schedule. Any alteration to the contents or schedule has to be mutually decided upon.
Quartz Systems will not be responsible for delay in course completion due to delays from your side for reasons like – incorrect lab setup, late arrival of participants, power outages or lack of adequate security clearances.
Any restriction on carrying of electronic items, cell phones with cameras, internet data cards etc. should be mentioned at the time of confirming the assignment.
Video or audio or any form of recording is not permitted. WebEX or LiveMeeting sessions for remote audiences need prior approval and should not be recorded.
While assistence is provided, the lab setup remains your responsibility. You have to ensure that software installed is legal, any trial-ware has not expired and the machines available to participants are as per the guidelines mentioned in the lab setup document. The training quality and time can be significantly compromised due to insufficient resources on the machines