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Why we love ourselves so much and why you should do the same...

  • We love to jump the gun. We like to race every product to the release line and offer our training programs months before a technology hits the market.
  • We love Visual Studio. We hate PowerPoint. We respect your intelligence and your development skills and will use a developer’s tool to illustrate all concepts. You will be digging into the product, deeper and deeper every day and not sit staring at static text stirring up unpleasant memories of your college lectures (if you ever attended one).
  • We love to go off the track. Please pardon us if we switch over in the middle of a particular topic and start talking about something else. We want you to understand the subject right from the core, even if the core supposedly belongs to an alternate technology. And no, we won’t charge you more for teaching you multiple technologies.
  • We love working with code. All our trainers come from a background in development, design or business consulting, and are not salespeople, network administrators or just graduated students. We do not think that WCF + WPF + WF = WTF.
  • We love all sizes. We are not a run-off-the-mill training institute having branches in every by lane. We are niche, elite and small in size but very high in terms of our standards.
  • We love getting dirty. We do not master a technology simply by reading books or documentation. We get our hands dirty with the product… and then land up talking dirty to you.
  • We love change. Each class grows from the experiences of the previous one; we're constantly adding new material, improving and improvising existing material and constantly figuring out new ways to make more money.
  • We love the real world. We don't teach from existing materials, like the SDK or books that you can buy / pirate yourself. Our examples are unique and based on practical issues and situations.
  • We love to defy schedules and break rules. If you want us to spend more time on a particular subject, we will. We'll even shuffle modules around if it helps you learn better.
  • If you loved reading this usual marketing crap, you’ll definitely love our technical stuff. Guaranteed… or your money back.