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Virtual Tech Days - 2011

Numbers, charts and Decisions using SSRS 2008 R2 - Presentation  Demos

Integrating SSIS with external applications - Presentation  Demos

Store Date (Text file containing 1.8 million rows used as a data source for the SSIS Packages) - Download

WPF and LINQ - Labs

Working with WPF and LINQ - Day 1 Download

Working with WPF and LINQ - Day 2 Download

SharePoint - 2010 - Labs

Working with Managed Metadata Download

Working with Content Types Download

Working with the Server Object Model Download

Working with the Client Object Model Download

Features and Custom Actions Download

WebParts Download

Workflows Download

BDC / BCS Download

SharePoint and FAST Search - Labs

Supporting files needed for SearchDownload

Installable .sql file for Northwind databaseDownload

AdventureWorks sample databases Download

Setting up the Search Infrastucture Download

Customizing Search Results (SharePoint Search) Download

Customizing Search Results (FAST Search) Download

Manually adding Query Suggestions Download

Creating a .NET Connector Part I Download

Creating a .NET Connector Part II Download

Creating a custom property extractor (FAST Search) Download

Creating a custom processor extention .NET Project (FAST Search) Download

Creating custom ranking models (FAST Search) Powershell scripts Download

Interacting with the Search Object Model (.NET Project) Download

FQL Reference (Text File) Download

SharePoint - 2010 - Out of the box features

Overview of SharePoint Download

SharePoint Sites and Navigation Download

Working with Lists and Libraries Download

Enterprise Content Management Download

Integration with MS Office Download

Permissions and Access Control Download

WebParts Download

MySites and Social Networking Download

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