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Overview of the CRM Fluid UI and Concepts
Important Entities
Working with the Ribbon
Closing Dialogs
Concept of Record Ownership and Sharing
Configuring Security
CRM Security Features
Access Levels
Security Roles
Security Roles and Business Units
Creating and Copying Security Roles
Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview
Types of Customizations
Upgrading Customizations
Reusing Customizations
Building Custom Charts and Visualizations
Integrating CRM with SharePoint 2011
Customizing Forms and Views
Introduction to CRM Solutions
Managed and Unmanaged Solutions
Basic UI Customization Capabilities
Form Customization
View Customization
Customizing the Ribbon
Customizing Entities and Attributes
Customizing Attributes
Creating a Custom Entity
Customizing Relationships and Mappings
Supported Entity Relationships
One-to-Many Relationship Behavior
Creating Entity Relationships
Entity Mapping
Renaming Entities and Translating Customizations
Renaming a Customizable Entity
Translate Customized Labels
Introduction to Advanced Customizations
Introduction to Application Event Programming
Using Form Events
Introduction to IFrames
Introduction to URL Addressable Forms
Introduction to Creating Custom Menus and Buttons
Navigation Items
Introduction to ISV.config Integration Points
Introduction to SiteMap
SiteMap structures
Introduction to SDK Capabilities
Common Platform Operations
CrmDiscoveryService WebService
CrmService WebService
crmAuthentication Token
Using the Create Method
Using the Retrieve Method
Using the Update Method
Using the Delete Method
Using the RetrieveMultiple Method
Exposing CRM Data using OData and REST protocols
Advanced Platform Operations
Querying Data
QueryExpression Class
QueryByAttribute Class
Saving Queries
Filtered Views
Execute Method
Requests and Responses
Dynamic Entities
Using the Metadata Web Service
Custom Workflow Activities
Configuring Custom Workflow Activities
Workflow Architecture
Setting Up Custom Workflow Activity Assemblies
Creating Custom Workflow Activities
Debugging Custom Workflow Activities
Plug-ins Overview
Event Framework
Developing Plug-ins
Impersonation in Plug-ins
Dynamics Entities and Plug-ins
Deploying Plug-ins
Debugging Plug-ins
Overview of Reporting System in CRM
Building Custom Reports using Report Designer
Building custom Reports using Visual Studio
Deploying Reports
Building Contextual Reports

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