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  RFID with BizTalk Server Deep Dive
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RFID Background
RFID Concepts
BizTalk RFID Architecture
BizTalk Messaging architecture
BizTalk RFID Process Architecture
BizTalk RFID Process Runtime Architecture
BizTalk RFID Device Model
Building RFID Applications
Using the Device Simulator
Using the RFID Manager
RFID Manager Server Dashboard
Managing Providers
Managing Device Groups
Managing Devices
Managing Processes
Asynchronous Event Processing
Creating RFID Processes
Event Processing Application Model
Binding and Deploying Processes
Activating and Hosting Processes
Command Processing
Connecting BizTalk RFID to your applications
Implementing synchronous calls from .net applications
Managing device connections
Standard commands
Vendor commands
Troubleshooting and Deployment
Inspecting Log files
Common troubleshooting tasks
Staging RFID device definitions and device properties
Planning for disaster recovery
Deploying RFID applications
Monitoring RFID applications
Integrating with BizTalk
Publishing events to the BizTalk messaging system
Using Business Rules Engine
Interacting with Orchestrations
Integrating with external applications
Integrating with SQL Server Reporting Services
Integrating with SharePoint

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