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  BizTalk Server Development
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Understanding BizTalk Framework
BizTalk Framework Architecture and Components
BizTalk Messaging System and Pub/Sub Architecture
Different types of BizTalk Schemas
Distinguished Fields and Property Fields
Instance Message generation and validation
Property Schemas
Working with Schema Extensions and Flat Files
Introduction to Functoids
Map Compilation and Testing
Scripting Functoid
Pipeline Designer
Pipeline stages
Built-in pipeline components
FFDASM and FFASM utilities
Creating Custom Pipelines
Introduction to Orchestrations
Sending and Receiving Messages
Concept of Ports and Port Binding
Constructing and Transforming Messages
Message Correlation
Integrating Orchestrations with .NET Code
Managing Orchestrations using Scopes
Working with Transactions
Exception Handling
Deploying Orchestrations
Integrating with Web Services
Invoking Web Services thru Orchestrations using SOAP/WCF Adapter
Exposing Orchestrations and Schemas as Web Services
Business Rules Engine
Business Rules Concepts - Rules, Policies, Vocabularies, Facts
Creating Vocabularies and Facts
Creating Policies
Testing Policies
Calling Business Rules from Orchestrations
Debugging Orchestrations
Using BizTalk Administration Console
Debugging Orchestrations
Tracking Messages

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