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The most advanced training course on FAST Search for SharePoint 2010... ever

FAST Search for SharePoint is quickly becomming THE search engine of choice in most enterprise SharePoint deployments. If you were wondering if there was any place where you get deep dive and intensive training related to everything in FAST (r), then check this out.

Lets get totally dirty

The story behind how this website was developed and all the pain and grind that went into making it. You can read about it right here or wait until they make a movie out of it.

OOH!! Data

You have never heard of OData (Open data protocol)? Duh !!! Let me explain. OData is a web protocol for querying and updating data the provides a way to unlock data and free it from silos that exist in applications today. What connection does it have with this website you ask? Well... read on...

Can i have one from here and two from there

18 years ago, i adapted a phrase from the now defunct "Silicon Graphics Inc" called "Elastic Reality" to launch home based training programs that would allow someone to skip topics they are already aware of or not interested in learnig about and concentrate only on whats relevant to them. 15 years later, i finally got around to building a website to automate it. more info...

Show me the money, honey

Quartz Systems has consulted virtually the entire gamut of Financial houses, both local and international. Our technology expertise spans across areas covering Foreign Exchange Trading, Online tax return filing, insurance systems, personal finance, Systems Integration, Equity trading and Accounting. We have trained implementers of systems developed for the Ministry of Finance and Governments of Andhra Pradesh to integrate heterogeneous systems and improve complaince. So getting to the point... shouldn't you feel comfortable betting your money to the people who have done everything possible with it, except print it.

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